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A-A Properties, LLC is a Houston-based real estate investment company.  We buy homes fast and hassle free.  We provide a valuable resource to home sellers and real estate investors. If you need some certainty in an uncertain real estate or financial market, A-A Properties can help!

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Anyone interested in real estate investing!

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IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION This site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation or offering of any security and:

       HOME SELLERS:       

  • Foreclosure
    • Stop foreclosure, protect your credit, and get creditors off your back.
  • Probate / Inherited Properties
    • Settle probate properties quickly and for cash.
  • Divorce
    • Resolve financial stress and insecurity, and move on with your life.
  • Upsizing / Downsizing / Relocating
    • Move forward with your plans for a new home, regardless of the real estate market!
  • Retirement
    • Liquidate your property so you can move, travel, or simply enjoy the freedom of life without home maintenance.
  • Anyone who needs to sell fast and for cash!

If your house qualifies for our buyer program, WE CAN BUY YOUR HOUSE FAST! Currently, the average time a home is on the market in the Houston area is 80-90 days. Using our service, the typical time from contract to cash at closing is 2 weeks. You pay NO REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS.

If you dread the thought of putting a sign in your front yard, dealing with realtors, opening your house to the public at a moment’s notice, and trying to live life while keeping your house ready to show, we offer a better option. We buy properties in "AS IS" condition. You don't have to make costly repairs or even paint.

We understand that you need the most value you can get from your house. We'll give you a fair and honest offer, and explain exactly how we arrived at that offer, so everything is clear. We promise to respect your privacy and confidentiality every step of the way.

There are no fees to you. No hidden charges. No real estate commissions and no gimmicks.

There is never an obligation to ask for information or to have us consider your home.


  • Work with experienced professionals.
  • Know your rate of return.
  • Typically outperform today’s market conditions.
  • Feel secure, have your investment backed by a physical asset.

If you’re looking to find an investment opportunity that can return a much higher rate of return than the traditional investment vehicles (stock market, CD’s, savings account), we can help. We provide our investors options that will allow them to maximize returns in a short window of time.

If you want to purchase distressed properties and resell after making improvements, but don’t want the hassle of finding the right properties, we can help. We routinely identify properties that can be purchased for less than market price for our investors who can either re-sell or make needed improvements before selling, to maximize their return on the amount they invest.

Some of our investors simply want to provide capital, knowing someone else is providing the skill and know-how to find the right properties. We negotiate the complicated process of buying foreclosed, short sale properties, or purchase situations that may require extra expertise because of the need to settle probate or divorce cases. You can invest without expert knowledge of these types of situations, because our experts have done it successfully before.

If you’re interested in joining our team of investors, find out how real estate investing can work for you. Call us today for a free, no-obligation analysis on whether real estate investing is right for you.

"I contacted Landon, at A-A Properties, he came out to my house the same day, after a short conversation we agreed on a price for my house…I didn't have to deal with realtors, showing the house, MLS, or even fixing it up! I would definitely recommend A-A Properties to anyone."

--Don Stalker, Cleveland, TX

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